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  2. The colours are nice.

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    Berluti Men’s SS ‘14

    These shoes are crazy-rad.

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    Hat and stripes


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  5. I love everything about this room.

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    1957-58 Iggulden House | 50 Wells Rd Beaumaris VIC 3193, Australia | Architect: David Chancellor of the firm Chancellor & Patrick

    Iggulden House at 50 Wells Road, Beaumaris, which is registered (File No. B7364) by the Victorian National Trust as being of State significance,  was commissioned as a home and inspirational environment for its owner, an aviation historian and author. It occupies a prominent site on a hilltop approximately 500 metres from PortPhillip Bay. The brick pylon and timber-framed house exploits the full potential of views to the north and south.

    Two stories of living space are topped by a third story lookout and studio over which hovers a projecting butterfly roof. An excellent example of privately-commissioned domestic architecture of the 1950s in suburban Melbourne, its design is both functional and aesthetically expressive. Via: 1 | 2

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    Loft Apartment

    By Oskar Firek

    Dream home.

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  8. Everything about this room seems expensive. It’s great.

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    Blue & Brown | Source

    Great combination.

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